Friday, 17 November 2017
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Welcome on the homepage of Rába Quelle Thermal Bath and Spa!

Dear Visitors!

We are pleased to welcome You on the renewed website of Rába Quelle Thermal Bath and Spa. We are aware of the fact that the Internet portal of the spa of Győr can only give a taste of the services offered by that magnificent facility opened in October 2003. Yet we ask you to open our pages. If you already have visited us (we hope that you have) with the aim of getting informed about our latest services and special offers. If you have not yet had the chance to enjoy relaxation, healing and entertainment in Győr, then exactly to learn about the special opportunities we can offer.

 We wish You and your family an enjoyable stay and relaxation!


Kovacsics Imre


Horváth Cs. Attila

General Manager

Hírek, akciók
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SPA Clubcard

SPA Clubcard

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