Medicinal water

It is a 67 °C certified medicinal water that bursts from 2000 m deep and contains alkaline hydrogen carbonate and chloride. By its iodide content, it is classified as iodine medicinal water.

It is primarily applicable to treat obstructive bones and joint diseases, chronic joint and muscle inflammatory, and gynecological diseases.

The thermal water of the pools of Rába Quelle Spa, Thermal- and Adventure Bath is clean and healthy. Our natural cleaning system guarantees your safety!

The composition of the medicinal water:

Component Amount (Mg/l)
Kalium and natrium (K + Na) 648,8
Ammonium (NH) 7,2
Calcium (Ca) 8,7
Magnesium (Mg) 8,1
Ferrit (Fe) 0,16
Chlorid (Cl) 475,0
Iodid (I) 1,26
Fluorid (F) 1,15
Hidrogen- Carbonate (HCO3) 951,6
Sulfid (S) 0,34
Metaborsic (HBO3) 3,00
Silicic acid (H2SIO3) 60,84
Free carbondioxide (CO2) 13,20
Potential of hydrogen: (pH) 8,04