Privacy Policy

The Rába Quelle Ltd, as the operator of the Rába Quelle Spa, Thermal- and Adventure Bath, hereby publishes the rules of data management and data protection in the framework of services available in the Bath.

By entering the Bath facility and using our services, our Guests visiting the Bath (hereinafter referred to as “Visitors”) will accept all the terms and conditions described in this Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Information”), so please read this information carefully before using our services.

Data Manager Data:

The manager of the data is the operator of the facility, the Rába Quelle Ltd. (“Data Manager”).

Headquarters: 9025 Győr, Fürdő tér 1.
Company registration number: 08 09 011147
Represents: Kovacsics Imre CEO
Phone: +36 96 514 900

The Data Manager is responsible for the development of this Information, for the full enforcement of the present rules, for the verification and for the necessary changes to be made. The current version of this Information is available in the Bath area and is available at

Data processing is performed by Data Manager.

The data management rules for the website operated by the Data Manager can be found on the website of the Bath.

In what cases and what personal information do we request from our Visitors?

  • When registering for therapeutic treatments (for National Health Insurance Fund funded treatments) the patient’s name, address and social identification number will be recorded (as well as the data of the presumed prescription).
  • By contract with local governments and / or companies: name, address, retirement card number, ID card, HCLU or registration number – besides the presentation of the passes, the data is recorded in writing as well.
  • Hotel guestbook: name, address, contact details, identity card number, registration plate number of the vehicle.
  • In the case of questionnaire data collection – linked to a prize game, name and address will be requested from the Visitor. The questionnaires are voluntary.
  • We may can take photographs or video clips of our Visitors in the Bath. We use the recordings on our website, on our official Facebook page, on advertising surfaces, in newspaper ads, on posters, etc. Visitors will expressly agree to publish the recordings in this way and will not have any claim on the company operating the Bath either now or in the future.
  • Our visitors may also provide data in their Guestbook entries, usually name, address, phone number, e-mail address.

The purpose and duration of data management:

The above-described data handling is intended to serve our legal and contractual obligations for promotion, analysis and statistical purposes. The completion of our questionnaires is voluntary, the aim is to conduct the announced prize game, and express the opinion regarding the products and services and promotion of Rába Quelle Ltd., only if the Visitor has expressly contributed to this. Our Visitor contributes to this by signing and by filling out the questionnaire.

The Data Manager manages the personal data for the purpose of which the data is being processed, or until the Visitor does not request the deletion of his or her consent.

Who can get to know the registered data?

The Data Manager is entitled to get to know the personal data according to the applicable laws.

Visitor rights related to managed data:

At the Visitor’s request, the Data Manager provides information on the personal data he or she handles, the source of the data, the purpose, legal basis and duration of the data managing, the name and address of the Data Manager, and, in the case of transmitting the personal data of the person concerned, the legal basis and the addressee of the data transfer. Information can be obtained by e-mail at and postal mail at Rába Quelle Ltd. 9025 Győr, Fürdő tér 1. In both cases, by verifying the personal identity and giving the mailing address. The Data Manager shall respond in writing within 30 (thirty) days of the receiving of the request.

The Visitor is also entitled to request the correction of his / her personal data (including the correct data) in one of the addresses listed above. The Data Manager shall immediately make the correction in the records and inform the Visitor in writing.

The Visitor may request the deletion or blocking of his / her data – in whole or in part, on the above mentioned addresses, free of charge, without justification, by proof of his/her identity and with giving his/her mailing address at any time. After receiving the cancellation request, the Data Manager promptly deletes the Visitor from his/her record.

The Visitor may decide at any time that the Rába Quelle Ltd. should no longer send any information leaflets or promotional advertisements for them. The Visitor can withdraw his/her consent for this purpose at any time by sending an e-mail to or by postal mail to Rába Quelle Ltd. (with accurate personal data) at no charge, without any reason or limitation. After receiving of the application, the Data Manager deletes the Visitor’s data immediately from the direct marketing database and will not send any promotional mail to the Visitor.

Information gathered in connection with the use of the Bath:

If the Visitor does not expressly provide information about himself/herself, the Data Manager does not collect or manage any personal information about the Visitor in such a way as the Visitor may be identifiable. Exceptions are the photographs and video clips that may be taken in the Bath.

Data security:

The Data Manager undertakes to ensure the security of the data, to take the technical and organizational measures and to establish the procedural rules that ensure that the recorded, stored or managed data is protected or prevent its destruction or unauthorized use and unauthorized alteration. The Data Manager also agree that any third party to whom the data is transmitted or transferred by the Visitors’ consent calls on the third party to comply with the requirements of data security.

The Data Manager shall ensure that no unauthorized person has access to, disclose, transmit, modify or delete the managed data. The managed data will only be recognized by Data Manager and the employees concerned, and will not be handed over to any Third Party Data Manager, who does not have access to the data.

The data handler will do its utmost to ensure that the data are not accidentally damaged or destroyed. The above commitment is also provided by the Data Manager to the employees of the data management activity.

In any case, the Data Manager does not collect special data, like data that are of a racial origin, membership of a national or ethnic minority, political opinion or party affiliation, religious or other beliefs in the world, membership of an interest representation organization, state of health, harmful passion, sexual life, and criminal record.

Law Enforcement Options:

The Data Manager does everything to ensure that personal data is handled according to the law, if you feel that we have not doing it, please contact us at or at Rába Quelle Ltd.9025 Győr, Fürdő tér 1. postal address.

If you feel that your right to privacy has been violated, you may appeal to the competent organisations under applicable law

At the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (postal address: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C.),

at court of justice.

The National Media and Communications Authority acts on the law CXII/2011 on electronically-broadcasted advertising, the detailed regulation on the right to information self-determination and freedom of information. Acts on the law CVIII/2001 on the Rights of Electronic Commerce and Information Society Services.

Oher provisions

For the purposes of this information, the provisions of Hungarian Law, in particular the Act CXII/2011 law on the Right to Information Self-determination and Freedom of Information, will apply.

The Data Manager reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy unilaterally at any time with prior notice to the parties concerned.

Győr, 01. August, 2015.

Rába-Quelle Ltd.
Data Manager